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No-one should work all day and struggle to feed their kids.

Sick of low pay? Us too. Get your coworkers and join the fight to raise the minimum wage.


How we win.

1. Organise

We will bring in our friends and co-workers by building campaign teams in each town and workplace

2. Campaign

We will petition, lobby, protest, take direct action and recruit champions in parliament to push the politics.

3. Strike

If we are ignored we will unionise and take industrial action to win the fair pay and conditions we deserve.

Get flyers.

The backbone of the movement.

Order your flyers today and give them to your co-workers to join the campaign or to low paid workers in your community.


Get involved.

Build the campaign at work

We need to bring in tens of thousands of our  co-workers to win £15ph by building campaign teams in every workplace.

Chip in.

This is a grassroots campaign launched on a shoestring budget.


Every £1 you give will help pay for the website, rooms for meetings, travel for organisers and social media ads to put the campaign in front of workers.

Thank you for chipping in.

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