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Fight for £15

Profits are rising. Prices are rising. So why are we accepting another real terms pay cut? Join the fight for fair pay for all. 

The problem: Prices are rising. Profits are rising. Wages are… 🤦😢🤬

The solution: A £15 min wage NOW, a proper cost of living pay rise for EVERY worker and strong unions for ALL, to win the respect we're due. 

The plan: Workers with the ability to strike win pay rises, but without that ability most of us are seeing big real terms pay cuts. It's time to change that. We will:

1. Stage protest actions across the country to demand the government raise the minimum wage immediately.

2. Gather pledges from workplaces across the economy, giving our coworkers confidence that we can act collectively for a proper pay rise.

3. And, when 75% of your coworkers have pledged, support you to unionise, demand your fair pay rise and take action if necessary.

and a proper pay rise for all.

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